Like many of you, we are in love with tiny houses.  They represent a movement to a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

Here are our top 11 homes that we found at, Make sure to check out their site for more amazing tiny homes!

What’s your favorite thing about tiny houses?

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3Tiny Homes 2 Tiny Homes 3

4Tiny Houses Tiny Homes 5 Tiny Homes 6

5Tiny Homes 7 Tiny Houses Tiny Homes 9 Tiny Homes 10

6Tiny Houses Tiny Homes 12

7Tiny Homes 13 Tiny Homes 14

8Tiny Homes 15 Tiny Homes 16

9Tiny Homes 17 Tiny Homes 18 Tiny Homes 19

10Tiny Homes 20 Tiny Homes 21

11Tiny Homes 22 Tiny Homes 23 Tiny Homes 24 Tiny Homes 25




15 Responses

  1. Ernesto

    Nice homes would like to build like one. Do you have bamboo homes? I live in the Philippines. Should be storm proofed LOL!

  2. Jim Spellman

    Put some wheels on a few of these and you have yourself an RV that can go virtually anywhere when you get tired of living in the same place.

  3. Roger Ocampo

    I like no 3 for my farmhouse, just wondering how the layout looks like and the floor size.

  4. Jay McInnes, a Vanvouver Realtor

    What is so great about all of these homes is that they prove that simpler does not mean less inviting. These homes do exactly what the title states: make you want to live a simpler life. Not only are they simpler and in fact inviting, they are unique and beautifully made.


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